42-year-old Japanese woman found dead in Dakota Crescent apartment

Dakota’s apartment unit spread a foul odor, and a 42 year old Japanese woman was dies and turned into a decaying corpse at home. The police were on the scene for six hours to investigate.

This case occurred at around 12:00 noon on Wednesday (November 15th) at the Waterbank at Dakota Apartment in Dakota Crescent.

The reporter received a notification at 5 PM that there were a number of police cars downstairs in the apartment, and the atmosphere was tense, and he rushed to the scene.

It was observed that five police cars and a crime Scene Investigation (CSI) vehicle were parked in the apartment, and several officers wearing masks and gloves entered and exited the 15th floor unit of one of the apartments on several occasions to conduct investigations and search for evidence inside and on the balcony.

The interviewed residents revealed that there was a Japanese couple living in the unit involved, and they believed that the female deceased was not alone, so they did not understand why the female deceased was found several days after her death. The whereabouts of the male household is also unknown.

The police confirmed the incident when questioned. The spokesman said a case of unnatural death was reported at about 12.25pm. A 42-year-old woman was found motionless inside the unit and pronounced dead at the scene upon arrival by paramedics. Preliminary investigation shows that no criminal acts are involved in the case, and the investigation is still ongoing.