Kurt Tay accused of spreading female netizens’ sex videos and photos

Involved in spreading sex videos and photos of female netizens in pornographic groups, the singer has been charged and the case went through the court on Thursday morning (Nov 16), with the prosecution saying they may charge him more.

Singaporean singer Kurt Tay (41) once self-funded 20,000 yuan to produce a single “Away from You”; He was also cheated of 3,000 yuan by a friend by a lie that he recruited a boat to make millions in prostitution; He was also the subject of a prank that turned his naked photos into prostitution posters.

He is now suspected of violating the law and was charged with going to court on the 1st of this month for spreading sexual videos and photos of female netizens.

According to the complaint, he allegedly uploaded photos and videos of a woman performing oral sex on the Telegram group “BDSM Party” at 9:02 a.m. on Oct. 27 this year without her consent.