ACRA appointed Deng Huimin as its new director

Deng Huimin has been with the IRD for nearly 36 years and has held senior positions in various departments including tax administration, tax policy, operations and regulation. From 2003 to 2005, she was seconded to the Treasury as Chief tax Policy Officer. She was also the Chief Executive Officer of the Tax Institute of Singapore from 2007 to 2013.

Deng Huimin has promoted Singapore’s interests and expanded its reach in the tax field, leading the real estate tax department in innovative ways to deliver services, such as providing consolidated tax notices to owners of multiple properties. She has also played a key role in supporting businesses to cope with Rental costs, including the implementation of the Rental Support Scheme (RSS) during the pandemic. On the investigation front, Deng Huimin has helped the IRD strengthen its ability and power to fight tax crimes.

Wang Qiaofeng led ACRA’s OneACRA Redefined transformation into a digital and data-driven organization. During his tenure, he made contributions to improving the effectiveness of corporate governance, financial reporting, and auditing regulatory systems, as well as combating money laundering and terrorist financing, through multiple major legislative and business reforms.

Prior to his appointment as the Director of the Bureau of Accounting and Enterprise Administration, Wang Qiaofeng was the Deputy Director (Enterprise and Services) of the Inland Revenue Department. His improvements in IRD’s human resources policies, information technology systems and process restructuring have resulted in better end-to-end service for taxpayers and enhanced Singapore’s tax competitiveness.

The Finance Ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday (Nov 22) that Deng Huimin will replace Wang Qiaofeng,who has been the head of the Accounting and Enterprise Administration since April 2017, and will retire from public service at the end of the current term.

As Deputy Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Deng Huimin has represented Singapore in international discussions on base erosion and profit shifting, and chaired the Peer Review panel of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information from 2016 to 2022.

Deng Huimin, currently Deputy Director (International Tax Exchange, Inspection, Indirect Tax) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRAS), will become the new Director of the Accounting and Corporate Control Authority (ACRA) on April 22 next year.