Semarang City’s Open Unemployment Rate Drops, Best in Central Java

Semarang Mayor Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu said efforts to reduce unemployment in Semarang City were starting to bear fruit. This can be seen from the open unemployment rate (TPT) in Semarang City which has decreased by 1.61 percent in 2023 from 7.60 percent in 2020 to 5.99 percent.

This achievement in reducing TPT confirms that many people in Semarang City have jobs or are engaged in entrepreneurial activities. The decline in TPT increases the income and welfare of the people in Semarang City.

“The Semarang City Government received an award for reducing the best TPT rate in Central Java from 7.60 to 5.99 percent,” said Hevearita in a written statement, Sunday (5/5/2024).

According to him, due to the reduction in TPT, the Central Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) gave an award to the Semarang City Manpower Service (Disnaker) for the achievement of reducing the best open unemployment rate in districts/cities in Central Java in 2023. This was expressed by him after opening the Job Fair/ Job Fair 2024 and Mayday Celebration at Sentraland Mall, Harris Hotel Semarang, some time ago.

The award was given directly by the Head of the Central Java Province Manpower and Transmigration Service (Disnakertrans) Ahmad Aziz to Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu

“The government and companies are helping each other to reduce the unemployment rate. If space is widened, it means there will be more opportunities,” said Mbak Ita.

He said that job fairs would be intensified again in Semarang City by collaborating with more companies and agencies working in the employment sector. The momentum of decreasing unemployment rates also encourages the government to work more optimally.

“The hope is that the job fair will not be a one-time event, it can be held again by collaborating with more people. It could be that the university at graduation gives brochures, so that once you receive your diploma you can quickly get a job,” he said.

The number one person in the city of Semarang advised job seekers to be more careful when applying for jobs. This also includes adjusting the capabilities or expertise needed by the company.

“Perseverance must be encouraged because success is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand, but must go through a long process,” he concluded.